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People Analytics makes the workplace better

Just close your eyes and think about how much time people spend at work. The workplace is where you learn, grow, and make a living. And it’s where teamwork leads to innovation, and businesses change the world.

We believe that companies peak when people thrive. So, it’s important to understand how people feel and how to get the best out of people. But how much does the business understand about its workforce? Unfortunately, very little.

Crunchr helps companies solve big questions about their workforce. From strategy: what is the impact of automation on the skills that we need to develop? To diversity & inclusion: do we offer equal career opportunities and fair compensation to everyone? And retention: if talent is leaving the organization, why is this, what can be done to prevent it, and can we even predict who’s next?

Crunchr is used around the world by some of the largest companies. Organizations are just starting to experience the power of People Analytics. One of the leading industry analysts, Josh Bersin, put Crunchr on his watch list, right next to Microsoft. We’re proud. But we also feel that this is just the beginning. 

Our team

We believe that the value of Crunchr lies not only in our technology and customer success but also for a large part in the team that we have been building. The team is highly talented, enthusiastic and engaged. It is a warm family in which we help each other, while learning new skills. That is why the team is called: The Dream Team. We are proud of our unique culture, and we take great care of every team member.

Ready to be part of The Dream Team? Explore the opportunities below.


Making sure that Crunchr is known in every HR department worldwide.


Quantifying opportunities, developing and closing deals.

Customer Success

Implementing Crunchr to clients and helping them create value.

Product & Tech

Building and maintaining the product according to the road map.

Infra & Operations

Optimizing a high-performant, scalable, and secure infrastructure.

People & Culture

Letting Crunchr peak by making its people thrive

Open positions

Account Executive
Netherlands, Noord-Holland, Amsterdam
Experienced Backend Engineer
Netherlands, Noord-Holland, Amsterdam
Experienced Frontend Engineer
Netherlands, Noord-Holland, Amsterdam
Senior Cloud Engineer
Netherlands, Noord-Holland, Amsterdam
Talent Acquisition Lead
Netherlands, Noord-Holland, Amsterdam

Our Office

James Wattstraat 77 Amsterdam, 1097 DL, the Netherlands

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